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Gastric Support

Ulceraser’s forage based all-natural proprietary blend provides daily support of the entire GI tract. Ulceraser is ideal for horses subject to the most common risk factors for digestive upset and ulcers, including: training, traveling, competition, limited turnout and forage, large grain meals, use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, changes in weather, or other forms of stress. Signs your horse may have ulcers include: irritability, resistance to leg, weight loss, poor appetite, girthiness, spookiness, anxiousness, frequent colic and colic-like symptoms, dull coat, and poor performance.

Reduces inflammation

Reduces anxiety and nervousness

Increases circulation

Strengthens stomach and intestinal mucosa

Boosts the immune system

Clears sand and debris from the gut

A Completely Different Electrolyte

Electrolytes play a vital role in helping maintain the proper osmotic balance of fluid in and around cells, and are necessary for normal muscle contraction and relaxation. Without proper electrolyte balance and hydration, horses are at risk of fatigue and muscle cramping.

The major electrolytes in equine sweat are sodium, chloride and potassium (with smaller amounts of calcium and magnesium). Unlike human sweat, which is comprised mostly of water, horse sweat is hypertonic, which means it contains more mineral salts than water.

Mineral rich pink Himalayan and red Hawaiian salt with banana supports healthy hydration and is designed to mimic the minerals lost in equine sweat. Maintaining a proper electrolyte balance helps maintain healthy cardiovascular and neurological function while also helping reduce oxidative stress.


Encourages horses to drink

Mimics minerals lost in equine sweat

All natural with no color dyes

Delicious banana taste horses love

Supports normal muscle contraction and relaxation

No dextrose, fillers or added sugar

What's Inside
  • Pink Himalayan Salt

    Pink Himalayan Salt

  • Red Hawaiian Salt

    Red Hawaiian Salt

  • Banana


  • Magnesium Oxide

    Magnesium Oxide

  • Potassium Chloride

    Potassium Chloride

  • Calcium Carbonate

    Calcium Carbonate

Horse Show Safe

Contains no prohibited substances

Lab Tested

Drug screen by FEI recognized laboratory


Picky eater approved

Key Nutrients

  • Sodium chloride
  • Potassium chloride
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Magnesium oxide
Product Label


25.65g (1 scoop)

1 Scoop Daily


Additional scoops as needed based on workload and climate



Small Bag (1.7lbs)

120 DAYS

Large Bag (6.8lbs)

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS per scoop (25.65g)

Calcium (min)


Calcium (max)


Salt (min)


Salt (max)


Sodium (min)


Sodium (max)


Chloride (min)


Chloride (max)


Potassium (min)


Potassium (max)


Magnesium (min)


Magnesium (max)



Salt, Potassium Chloride, Banana, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide


Electrofresh should be mixed with feed. For horses in light or medium work in moderate temperatures or in light work in hot climates, feed 1 scoop daily. For horses in heavy training in moderate temperatures or moderate work in hot climates, feed two scoops daily. Horses in heavy training in hot climates should receive 3 scoops daily. For daily doses of more than 2 scoops, divide into AM and PM feedings. Fresh, clean water should always be available. To maximize freshness, store with bag closed in a cool dry place.


  • Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven.
  • If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian.


  • For animal use only.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.
  • Should not be used for animals intended for human consumption.

Equine Elixirs’ liability for use of this product shall not exceed this product’s purchase price.  Equine Elixirs shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages resulting from use of this product.


Equine Elixirs, Inc.
Palm Beach, FL 33480
[email protected]

Research and Testing

Comprehensive prohibited substance screen performed by LGC Science, Inc., an FEI recognized laboratory, and the laboratory that performed the FEI drug testing for the 2016 Rio Olympics. For more information visit the following sites:

LGC Performs FEI Drug Testing for Rio Olympics

FEI Laboratories

Research and Testing

Comprehensive prohibited substance screen performed by LGC Science, Inc., an FEI recognized laboratory, and the laboratory that performed the FEI drug testing for the 2016 Rio Olympics. For more information visit the following sites:

LGC Performs FEI Drug Testing for Rio Olympics

FEI Laboratories

Electrolyte Supplementation After Moderate-Intensity Exercise

Waller AP, Heigenhauser GJ, Geor RJ, Spriet LL, Lindinger MI. Fluid and electrolyte supplementation after prolonged moderate-intensity exercise enhances muscle glycogen resynthesis in Standardbred horses. J Appl Physiol 106: 91–100, 2009.

Metabolism of Water and Electrolytes

Coenen M, Meyer, H, Steinbrenner, B. Effects of NaCl supplementation before exercise on metabolism of water and electrolytes. Equine vet. J. Suppl. 18: 270-273, 1995.

Why the long face? We have answers to your questions right here.


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How does the consistency of Electrofresh compare to other electrolytes?

One of the things that distinguishes our company is that we tend to stay away from pellets and powder, instead focusing on whole food, forage based products because they are more effective and horses prefer them. Electrolytes by nature tend to be “powdery” but because ours is made from pink Himalayan and red Hawaiian salt it is much more crystallized and substantial than other electrolytes. 


Why does my horse need electrolytes?

Electrolytes replenish minerals lost in equine sweat. Maintaining a proper electrolyte balance in your horse is necessary for nerve, muscle, and brain function.

Is salt different than electrolytes?

Yes. Salt is just sodium chloride. Electrolytes contain more than sodium chloride and are designed to mimic the minerals lost in equine sweat, which include sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Is it better to add the electrolyte to feed or water?

It’s definitely better to add the electrolyte to your horse’s feed so that fresh, clean water is always available. Some horses won’t drink water mixed with electrolytes and you don’t want to deter your horse from drinking.

Do you offer farm incentive programs?

Yes.  For barns buying in bulk please email us at [email protected] to discuss eligibility and incentive structure.

Where do you ship from?

All orders ship from our warehouse in Wellington, FL.


Do you have sales or promo codes?

No. We do not have sales or promo codes because we offer the highest quality product at the lowest possible price year round.

Do you have sample sizes of the supplements?

No.  The reason we do not have sample sizes is because the average time frame for seeing an improvement is generally 2-3 weeks so for people wanting to sample the products we suggest starting with the 30 day supply.

I rely on Electrofresh to provide my horses with all the electrolytes they need year round.

"The horses love the taste and I love the fact that it doesn’t have any added sugar or chemicals. "

Maciek Pestka

Grand Prix Rider and Trainer
Our horses are on Electrofresh year round to ensure that we never have an issue with dehydration.

"Since incorporating Electrofresh we no longer have any problems with those that are not “good drinkers.” "

Kianna Noël

Educated Guess LLC
All of our horses use Electrofresh.

"When it's hot and humid, and our horses are competing week after week, they are sweating and losing the electrolytes they need. Just as I am focused on hydrating and replenishing myself, it is important to maintain the horses' systems and make sure we are replenishing what they need so they can perform at the highest levels."

Georgina Bloomberg

Top Grand Prix Rider
The horses love Electrofresh.

"We are always focused on making sure our horses are well hydrated. Some of our older horses have Cushings and we love that Electrofresh doesn't have any added sugar, and that it keeps them sweating."

Jacob Pope

Top Hunter/Jumper Rider and Trainer

"I chose both the Ulceraser and Immunox to help with my horses’ digestive systems. Since starting them on it, I’ve noticed a huge difference in their stomachs and the way they look. Since their stomachs are happy, their coats and outside appearance has been much improved! I also chose the Electrofresh to help hydrate daily, since they are at the top of the sport. "

Grace Debney

Top International Grand Prix Show Jumper
I even keep my horses on Electrofresh in the middle of the winter to make sure they are always drinking.

"I never realized that the main ingredient in most electrolytes was sugar. I have a horse with PSSM and she cannot have any of those electrolytes. I love that Electrofresh doesn't have any added sugar and that it is safe for her to eat. "

BJ Ehrhardt

Top Rider and Trainer
The ones on Electrofresh literally drank double the amount of water than the ones on the generic.

"We used to feed a cheap generic electrolyte. I wasn't sure it was worth switching to a new product so I did an experiment where we put half the horses on the generic electrolyte and half the horses on the Electrofresh. The ones on Electrofresh literally drank double the amount of water than the ones on the generic. That was incredible to me and all the proof I needed."

Abby McArdle

Top Grand Prix Rider
Electrofresh really helps promote hydration and is a product we have all our horses on.

"It's easy in such a hot climate for the horses to lose the minerals they need when sweating, so Electrofresh replenishes those minerals. The horses absolutely love the taste. I had no idea horses loved bananas as much as they do! "

John French

Top Hunter Rider/Trainer
I love that Electrofresh replaces all the minerals horses need without any added sugar.

"When we have metabolic horses in the barn it is always difficult to monitor their diet. I'm grateful to have an electrolyte in the barn that all the horses can benefit from and that they enjoy eating."

Kimberly Prince

Top Rider/Trainer
My horses love Electrofresh--even the picky ones who don't like anything in their grain.

"The horses have been drinking more water since we started using Electrofresh, which is extremely important when they are competing. All my clients use Electrofresh and I recommend it to everybody who wants to replace the minerals that their horses are losing when they sweat."

Sandy Ferrell

Top Hunter Rider and Trainer
The Electrofresh is a great all-natural product that helps the horses replace the minerals they lose when sweating.

"It's nice to have a product in the barn that the horses enjoy eating and that they benefit from. I'm thrilled with how the Electrofresh keeps the horses hydrated and feeling their best."

Louise Serio

Top Hunter Rider/Trainer
Electrofresh is very palatable and concentrated so you only have to feed a small scoop.

"Since starting the Eletrofresh the horses are sweating better, drinking more water, and recovering faster. I used to feed salt and electrolytes, but with Electrofresh I only have to feed the one product and I love the results. "

Julie Curtin

Top Hunter Rider/Trainer