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Positude - Hormone Support for Mares, Geldings and Stallions

Positude - Hormone Support for Mares, Geldings and Stallions

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Positude - Hormone Support for Mares, Geldings and Stallions

Positude™ is made from highly concentrated plant, berry and root extracts, while other products are made from powders. Positude™ is more effective because extracts contain only concentrated active ingredients, while powders consist of many inactive and inert elements resulting in a less effective product.

  • All natural
  • Contains no prohibited substances
  • Safe to handle
  • No injections
  • Helps maintain even hormone levels via daily delivery system
  • Picky eater approved
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Benefits of Positude™ Include:

  • Promotes maintenance of a balanced temperament in mares, geldings and stallions.
  • Acts upon the pituitary to increase the amount and effects of natural progesterone while reducing effects of estrogen and testosterone.
  • Helps correct moodiness and temper effects of unbalanced or fluctuating hormones to improve typical behaviors associated with estrus.
  • Supports healthy muscular relaxation in skeletal and smooth muscles that surround blood vessels, the digestive tract and other organs.
  • Supports a healthy nervous system reducing stress and maintaining a quiet disposition.


Consistent Delivery 2 Times Per Day

Weekly or monthly injections have peaks and troughs resulting in ongoing hormonal fluctuations, which can lead to many undesirable behaviors. Positude™ is fed two times per day resulting in a delivery system designed to maintain hormonal balance and eliminate undesirable behaviors.


Why You Need an Alternative to Depo-Provera ("Depo")

Depo is banned in FEI competition.  USEF requires medical reports disclosing usage of Depo, and the ongoing debate about its merits will likely result in Depo becoming a banned substance. Moreover, giving injections is time consuming, results in hormonal fluctuations, can result in site reactions, and is very expensive. Positude™ is an all-natural, affordable and long term solution for maintaining hormonal balance and even temperament in horses via its consistent delivery system that is easy to use and safe to handle.