About us

I have loved horses my entire life.  Originally from Ridgefield, Connecticut, I spent the majority of my childhood waking hours riding, training, and caring for horses in North Salem, New York.  My love of horses was a family affair--I rode with my sister and father, and though my mother was scared of even the smallest pony, she was a dedicated ribbon holder.

When I first got Bella she enjoyed being groomed, never flinched when the girth was tightened, and rarely spooked at anything. Over a period of a few months her mannerisms changed.  She pinned her ears back while being groomed and when the girth was tightened.  While riding, she became sulky to my leg, and spooked at trees, chairs, and jumps that she saw every day.  These classic signs of ulcers manifested themselves during a stressful time; we had moved to a new barn, her long time pasture buddy had moved too, and we were traveling to horse shows more regularly.

After a course of omeprazole, I researched the options for preventing a future recurrence of ulcers. There were many ulcer prevention supplements on the market, but the reviews were mixed, and the prices were high.  After months of researching the science behind the cause of ulcers, I understood how and why they occurred, and ultimately, how to prevent them.  When none of the existing gut supplements felt right, I created my own.

Within weeks of starting Bella on Ulceraser, her demeanor returned to normal.  She no longer pinned her ears back while being groomed, she stood still when her girth was tightened, she was no longer sulky to the leg, and she went back to ignoring anything spooky.  On top of all that, her dapples could be seen a mile away.

When people started asking me to make Ulceraser for their horses, I said yes. And then I said yes again.  And again.  And here we are.