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Q & HAY - Symbiotic

For today’s edition of Q & HAY, we are sharing some of the top Symbiotic questions we receive.


For today's edition of Q & HAY we are answering your top Symbiotic questions. If you have additional questions, leave them in the comments below.


Does it help with FWS (Fecal Water Syndrome) and diarrhea?
Yes, but there are many different causes of diarrhea (illness, infection, parasites, ulcers, sudden change in diet, etc). Symbiotic helps address chronic diarrhea by colonizing the hindgut with beneficial bacteria to restore the proper balance of microflora. Symbiotic also increases nutrient absorption, keeps pathogens and bad bacteria at bay, eliminates mycotoxins, and reduces leaky gut and fecal water by helping tighten colonic junctions. Another often overlooked cause of diarrhea is inefficient or incomplete digestion in the stomach (processed feeds higher in sugar and starch), which then continue to breakdown down in the hindgut. This release of volatile fatty acids in the hindgut can lead to the death of beneficial bacteria, plummeting pH and hindgut ulcers.  This is one reason why it is equally important to focus on gastric health (see Ulceraser below)!


Is it a powder or a pellet?
It's a ground forage base with the addition of the specialized probiotics and yeasts which give it a textured and fluffy consistency. It smells like pizza crust and horses gobble it up!


Can I use it with Ulceraser?
Yes! Symbiotic and Ulceraser are designed to work together and do very different things. Ulceraser encourages digestion in the foregut where it belongs rather than in the hindgut, which results in the release of volatile fatty acids and plummeting pH ultimately leading to the death of beneficial bacteria. Ulceraser builds and strengthens mucosa throughout the GI tract, contains Omega 3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation, and is hydrophilic, which means that it acts as a sand clear, and attracts and absorbs excess water (helping reducing diarrhea). Symbiotic increases nutrient absorption in the hindgut, keeps pathogens and bad bacteria at bay, eliminates mycotoxins, populates the GI tract with beneficial bacteria, and helps tighten colonic junctions to reduce leaky gut and fecal water.


Safe for metabolic horses?


Show safe?
Yes! In fact, all of our products are FEI/USEF show safe.


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