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Podcast Talking About Omega Oils with Liz Ehrlich

In this podcast, Liz Ehrlich from Equine Elixirs discusses why people supplement their horses diet with omega oils and how OM3GA® was developed to be a vegan source of EPA and DHA.


People feed oil to horses for many reasons: to provide a healthy source of calories not involving sugar and starch, to increase weight or the luster and shine of their coats, and to help bind medications or supplements together in their feed. But not all oils are created equal. As our understanding of equine nutrition has evolved, it is important to understand which oils are best to supplement and which should be avoided.


We worked with a biotech company to create a vegan form of EPA and DHA. So instead of getting it from fish oil, we can harvest it from algae. We now have a vegan source of something that prior to that could only be found in fish. 


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