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Introducting Hulk® - All Natural Muscle Building Supplement

Support Muscle Development: Horses of all ages and workloads need amino acids to support protein synthesis, tissue growth, and repair.

MEET HULK®: Hulk contains essential and limiting amino acids from two high quality protein sources to encourage lean muscle development. Hulk’s blend of pea protein and whey protein won’t make horses hot or change their energy levels. And with the addition of gamma oryzonal, sweet potato and fenugreek, Hulk also contains potent antioxidants for keeping muscles supple.

Hulk's all natural, show safe, proprietary blend does it all:

High quality protein supports muscle synthesis

2️⃣ Gamma oryzonal supports lean muscle growth and repair

3️⃣ Contains essential and branched-chain amino acids

4️⃣ Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress

5️⃣ Helps stimulate appetite

6️⃣ Promotes muscle development without increasing energy levels



"I wanted a non soy, low starch, no energy, no sugar, product for helping to put the "beef" in the "cake". The difference is REMARKABLE. I highly recommend Hulk to help "build up", without "amping up", especially during intense showing, where they tend to drop off a bit, in heavier work than normal." - Tommy S.




Top Hulk FAQ's

1. Will Hulk help with weight gain?

Yes it will. And with the added benefit of not making them hot. If you are looking for ways to add healthy weight you should also consider Symbiotic which is a probiotic that enhances nutrient absorption.

2. Is Hulk better than rice bran?
It’s better than rice bran for a few reasons. The reason people feed rice bran is because it contains gamma oryzonal which is known to help increase muscle mass. Hulk contains highly concentrated gamma oryzonal but many other amino acids and proteins as well to create lean muscle without affecting energy.

3. Is it OK to give more than 1 or 2 scoops a day?
Yes. If you want to help increase your horse's appetite or provide additional support for muscle development it is perfectly safe to feed up to 4 scoops daily.

4. What's the difference between Hulk and Immunox?
Hulk is a combination of proteins designed to promote the development of lean muscle mass. Immunox contains Vitamin E and other anti-inflammatories designed to reduce oxidative stress throughout the muscles to help keep them supple. 


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