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Introducing Chug® - All Natural Equine Hydration

Meet Chug® - An all-natural way to encourage your horse to drink and stay hydrated!

horse drinking chug


Chug® is designed to encourage horses to drink water and stay hydrated. A delicious smelling and tasting alfalfa extract combined with a hint of Himalayan salt forms the perfect flavor profile to entice the reluctant drinker to chug!



What makes Chug different than other hydration products?
Most hydration products are high in sugar and/or starch, which is unhealthy for horses and problematic especially for metabolic horses. Chug has only 1% combined sugar and starch (NSC) content making it safe for horses with Cushings, PSSM and other metabolic issues.


Foam or no foam?
Many horses enjoy playing with the foam on top that is created when adding water to the powder. Other horses prefer a foam-free drink. If you want to create foam then add Chug to the bucket first and then spray in the water. If you want to reduce foam then add water first and stir in Chug second.


Safe for Metabolic Horses
Great for encouraging hydration while traveling, during and after heavy workouts or competition, or just as part of daily hydration management, Chug is the healthiest and most reliable way to deliver the fluids that your horse needs. Chug has only 1% combined sugar and starch (NSC) content making it safe for horses with metabolic issues.


Is Chug an electrolyte?
No. Chug is a way to add irresistible smell and flavor to water so that your horse can’t resist drinking and hydrating. There is a small amount of pink Himalayan salt in Chug, but Chug is not an electrolyte. If you need an electrolyte it is recommended to add Electrofresh to their diet



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